Karah C.

Dr. Harms created a healing environment that felt welcoming, informative, affirming, and safe. I came to Ilana because of digestion issues and skin issues that have been misdiagnosed for years. Past providers have been dismissive of my symptoms or unable to establish any long term and sustainable solutions. Ilana was extremely validating in that she helped me recognize my symptoms were connected and that they made sense. She helped me to reframe what I was experiencing in my body as an opportunity to connect with a deeper sense of what is going on with me energetically, and how my body might be expressing that in order for me to become aware and invite in change. To have a practitioner hold the space in such a way where my story truly felt heard and that there was space to be curious and explore without fear was profoundly healing for me. I cannot recommend working with Ilana enough. You will have a collaborative, empathetic, and caring healing partner on your journey with her.