I’m not sick or injured, should I get acupuncture?

The short answer is, YES! While acupuncture and Integrative East Asian Medicine are excellent at treating illness and injury, the beauty of the medicine is in preventing injury and illness from occurring in the first place. When you receive integrative East Asian Medicine regularly, typically anywhere from 1-2x/month in healthy folks, you are taking charge of your health, increasing your resilience to stressors and decreasing your likelihood of injury. Also, most folks experience stress, occasional insomnia and other day-to-day ails that aren’t as bad as being sick or hurt – acupuncture helps with these issues too!

Does acupuncture hurt?

Generally, no. The needles I use in my clinic are about the thickness of a human hair, whichis 10x’s thinner than the typical needle found in your doctors office. For most areas of the body, I also use a guide tube. A guide tube is a small tube used to help insert needles into the skin in a more painless way by distracting the body’s sensory nervous system so that you barely feel the needle insertion. That said, everyone’s sensitivity is different so we will stay in conversation throughout your treatment to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. On the rare occasion that you are exceptionally needle-sensitive we can use acupressure or other modalities to achieve our goals.

What are the side-effects of acupuncture?

Most people leave an acupuncture treatment feeling one of two ways: calm & relaxed or energized. How your body responds depends on a number of factors such as the time of day of your treatment, whether you’ve eaten recently, where you’re at in your menstrual cycle (if you menstruate), if we want to calm or energize you, etc. After the first appointment, folks who come in for acute pain usually experience a moderate reduction of their pain, and those who come in with chronic conditions usually see a calming of their symptoms for 24-72 hours after their treatment. The therapeutic effects of acupuncture are cumulative so the more treatments you have, the more relief you will feel. We’ll determine the number of treatments as well as how long we’ll treat (e.g. 2x/week for 2 weeks) so that we can measure change over time and ensure that we are moving you toward your health goals.

Occasionally folks may feel a little dazed or even lightheaded after a treatment. This is normal and we have light snacks and fluids to help you get back to normal quickly. Typically there is no rush after treatment, so you are welcome to rest in the waiting room with a cup of tea if you’re not quite ready to get on the move immediately after a treatment.

Do you take my insurance?

I am not in-network with any insurance companies at this time. If you need, and with at least 48 hours notice, I can generate a Super Bill for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company or HSA/FSA provider.