For Students

Hey Friends!

Students of East Asian Medicine (EAM) hold a dear place in my heart. Below you will find some resources that supported my learning in school as well as helped me to achieve my licensure goals with lightning speed. This resource list will be updated periodically so don’t forget to check back often.

  • free Day – The first Tuesday of every month you can login to and take practice quizzes and tests to see where you are mastering material and where you have areas for further study.
  • Linda Morse’s Acupuncture Review Classes Examination Workbook for Traditional Chinese Medicine – a great resource to have on-hand as early as possible in your educational journey so that you can re-affirm what you’re learning in class and also peek ahead to see how it all fits together.
  • HB Kim Free Charts – if you like to see information laid out in easy-to-follow charts, these are an invaluable resource. I would also recommend getting a copy of HB Kim’s Handbook of Oriental Medicine (5th Edition) as a companion guide for you entire graduate education journey.

If you need more personalized accountability and support, I offer 1:1 tutoring as well as group-tutoring. To learn more about my EAM student support offerings, schedule a Complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call to hear how we can work together.

Be well.

-Dr. Harms