For Students

Hey Friends!

Students of East Asian Medicine (EAM) hold a dear place in my heart. Below you will find some resources that supported my learning in school and helped me to achieve my licensure goals with lightning speed. This resource list will be updated periodically so check back often.

If you are looking for more personalized accountability and support, I offer 1:1 tutoring packages – schedule a Complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call for more details. I also offer workshops and guest lecture from time to time. To stay informed of upcoming workshops and speaking events, join my mailing list.

Resources I love

Websites & Apps

  • TCMTests.comFREE the first Tuesday of every month
  • HB Kim Free Charts – easy to follow charts for TCM basics
  • Quizlet – for studying. Hint: you can find a TON of TCM study sets that have already been created, so don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Paperpile – Reference Management Tool for all those papers you collect when you’re working on projects. This saved me hours of citation work when writing my doctoral thesis.
  • Notability – in-class notes with features such as audio recording, free writing, pdf markup, and more. I used this for almost every class.
  • TCM Clinic Aid (App) – invaluable in the student clinic.
  • Kamwo Herbal Reference (App) – a great way to review herbs with great pictures and audio recordings of pronunciation.
  • VisualAcupuncture 3D (App) – super helpful when you’re starting out with point location.
  • Qi & Flavor (Website) – another way to visualize Formulas
  • Herb Dosing Guidelines (Website) from Evergreen Herbs